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Wale Adenuga’s biography debuts

Popular filmmaker and producer Wale Adenuga MFR’s biography entitled “An Unusual Biography: Wale Adenuga MFR. A Pencil in the Hand of the Creator” has debuted.

According to Wale Adenuga MFR, “Over the years, people have always asked me a wide range of questions about my different works, and I have always tried to provide the best responses in ways they would be able to relate to. However, I realised that the best way to share my full story would be to present it to the world in an entertaining, yet concise, manner; so I teamed up with two brilliant writers – Atim Nkese Nkpubre and Niran Adedokun, and compiled everything you would need to know, and more, into this book.”

Adenuga further said the book provides detailed information about his life, struggles, and achievements in his career of over 45 years as a cartoonist, publisher, educationist, writer, TV and movie producer, musician, businessman, and philanthropist.

 Adenuga is popular for being the creator of Superstory TV drama, Papa Ajasco & Company Reloaded TV comedy, and many other award-winning family entertainment programmes.