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Barr. Assumpta Nnadozie

Barr. Assumpta Nnadozie

Company Legal Adviser

Barr. Assumpta Nnadozie is an accomplished legal practitioner with a diverse educational background and a wide range of qualifications. She has pursued her education at prestigious institutions, including Ebonyi State University Abakaliki, Nigerian Law School Kano, University of Geneva in Switzerland, and Yale University in the USA.

With her background in management, arbitration, and organizational leadership, Barr. Assumpta Nnadozie brings a unique perspective to her legal practice. She understands the importance of legality and the protection of rights in the field of business management.

Having worked with our company, The Futuremap Media Concepts Ltd, she has utilized her wealth of experience to create a strong business network with partners, minimizing the risk of arbitrations. Her systematic approach to corporate law ensures that our company operates within the legal framework and protects our interests effectively.

Barr. Assumpta Nnadozie's expertise has proven invaluable in navigating legal complexities and ensuring that our company's partnerships are built on solid legal grounds. Her contributions have enhanced our business operations and mitigated potential risks associated with arbitrations.