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Ethelbert Umeh

Ethelbert Umeh

Manager, Media Services & Editor- in- Chief, Future Map Magazine

Ethelbert Obinna Umeh; He is the Manager, Media Services & Editor- in- Chief, Future Map Magazine. Ethelbert is a proficient researcher, education analyst and creative and skilled writer. He is a Certified Leadership Development Coach, Speaker and Nonprofit consultant

 He is an alumnus of the following prestigious institutions; University of Oxford, University of Pretoria South Africa, Pontifical Urban University Rome, BAU Executive Education Nigeria, University of Ibadan Nigeria, Richmond Open University Nigeria, and International Institute for Global Leadership, USA. 

His myriads of training and chains of degrees cut across Philosophy, Mass Communication, Global Leadership, Human Capital Development, Fundraising, Project Management, Business Development, Organic Farming, Sustainability, Customer Service, Leadership and Management to mention but a few. 

 He speaks English, French, Latin and has a smattering knowledge of German. 

His passion for human capital development and economic empowerment has brought much growth and capacity to the company.